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Thank you for your generous support

I want to express my gratitude to the donors, employees, board of directors and other officials, fellow students and friends of the university who through their commitment to the ‘Quiero Estudiar’ program have decisively supported outstanding students who are confronted with adverse socio-economic circumstances.
Thank you for believing that through our ability for doing things they can change; thank you for raising the faith to transform world issues in a radical way; for having a strong will for doing so and, last but not least, thank you for your help by which 875 young students freely dream in favor of their own families, their society and their country.

Pedro Oswaldo Hernández
Economics student

Since its founding, the Universidad de los Andes has managed to develop and consolidate its educational project to a great extent, due to the generosity and cooperation of its graduates and friends.

A supplementary funding in addition to the normal tuition costs is required in order to accomplish and continue that evolution within the highest standards of excellence.

The following are a number of priorities and opportunities, through which graduates and friends of the Universidad can voluntarily invest to help support the parameters of quality established by the university.

Quiero Estudiar

What is “Quiero Estudiar” (I want to study)?

It’s a program directed to students from anywhere in the country, who obtain excellent results in the Colombian National Examination “ICFES” and who, in spite of not having the economic resources, wish to study at the Universidad de los Andes.  Up till December 2012, the “Quiero Estudiar” program has benefited 989 students. 199 of which have already graduated from different majors.

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PhD & Research Initiatives

PhD programs are the best vehicle for generating and multiplying the research capacity of a university and for obtaining results that may have a positive impact on several aspects of national life. Research funds are critical to a program's success.

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Corre y Dile Athletic Scholarship

Corre y Dile Athletic Scholarship is an initiative from amateur runners who want to make something new at Uniandes: they will aid a student who, besides academic excellence, has a growing sports career and wants to improve it while studying an undergraduate program.

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Special Fund Program - Fopre

The Fondo de Programas Especiales (Special Fund Program)  “Fopre”, subsidies photocopies, transportation, meals and materials of students with excellent academic standards who however have limited economic resources.

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Ciro Angarita Barón Fund

The Ciro Angarita Barón Scholarship fund is an endowment  established in 2002, in memory of the distinguished professor Ciro Angarita Barón, in order to support talented Law School undergraduate students with financial difficulties to help cover the complete or partial expenses of their tuition".

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Henry Yerly Fund

The Henry Yerly Fund aims to support talented mathematics students of the Science School. As mentioned it was created in memory of Professor Henri Yerly who dedicated his life to teaching and overall left a mathematic legacy at the Universidad de los Andes.

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Gabriel Vega Lara Fund

This fund was created in 1989 by the Universidad de los Andes and Casa Toro S.A. to honor the memory of this distinguished businessman and as a testimony of his faith and love to Colombia. Since then, the Vega Lara family, generous and committed, has awarded scholarships to outstanding students of the Masters and Doctorate program in the School of Business.

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Dora Röthlisberger

The Dora Röthlisberger is an endowment in the talent of students of the School of Political Science. It was created in memory of professor Dora Röthlisberger in 2004 with the purpose of giving financial aid to students of this School who in addition to outstanding academic performance, have limited economic resources.

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Ciempre, Science and Business Program

Learn about its tax exemption program
A decision about the future

The Nation Development Plan (National Law 1450 of 2011) provides a tax deduction of 175% for companies that invest in research and technological development, provided the value does not exceed 40% of the net income. This tax deduction should stimulate research and technological development of the country.

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