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Henry Yerly Fund

The Henry Yerly Fund aims to support talented mathematics students of the Science School. As mentioned it was created in memory of Professor Henri Yerly who dedicated his life to teaching and overall left a mathematic legacy at the Universidad de los Andes.

Henry Yerly, mathematician (1901 – 1984)

Also known as ‘Monsieur Yerly’, Henry Yerly was a Swiss-french teacher. Graduated from the University of Fribourg he was the chief of the department of physics and mathematics of the University. His fellow students evoke him because of his teaching approach called “Yerly method” which comprised the main assignments being sub-divided and each student having to explain on a given date the assigned topic to him and his fellow students. Although this method was used in other schools throughout the University, like in Social courses, the discipline and rigorous requirements were a special touch of Professor Yerly.

¿How does it work?

The Henry Yerly Fund is based on a donation made by Professor Yerli himself. In addition graduate students, friends and companies in addition to Universidad de los Andes community friends have also contributed.

¿Who benefits?

This scholarship is awarded to new and old students who fulfill the following requirements of Mathematics studies:

  • Academic excellence
  • Enrolment in the undergraduate program.
  • Have financial restrictions to pay tuition costs

¿How to help?

The program is mainly financed through donations.

If you wish to support a Mathematics student of the Universidad de los Andes, who has high grades and an excellent academic standard, yet limited economic resources you can donate here.


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