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Quiero Estudiar

What is “Quiero Estudiar” (I want to study)?

It’s a program directed to students from anywhere in the country, who obtain excellent results in the Colombian National Examination “ICFES” and who, in spite of not having the economic resources, wish to study at the Universidad de los Andes.  Up till December 2012, the “Quiero Estudiar” program has benefited 989 students. 199 of which have already graduated from different majors.

 Quiero Estudiar

The largest part of the donors of the “Quiero Estudiar” program are a number of graduates who have lived and incorporated the uniandinos principles of excellence and commitment with the country. Due to their generous contributions and unconditional support, the “Quiero Estudiar” program is an example of how to positively make an impact in Colombia today.

The financial aid program “Quiero Estudiar”, created in 2006 is one of the many ways in which friends and the community at Uniandes can support and create a better future for Colombia. The goal today is to support an endless growing number of talented students who need the support.
Counting on your commitment will help us accomplish it.

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