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History of the Foundation

In Princeton: Some members of the University of the Andes Advisory Board with the Acting President, Dr.Mario Laserna. From left to right: Dana Munro, John Von Neumann, Whitney Oates, Albert Einstein, Oskar Morgenster, Mario Laserna, Samuel Wilkes, Marston Morse and Salomon Lefschetz. Picture taken from the University of the Andes bulletin, 1954-1955.

‚ÄčUniversidad de los Andes was founded on November 16, 1948. In 1957, a group of prominent Americans gathered in New York City who believed they could make an effective contribution to the social and economic development of Latin America by helping provide improved facilities, faculties, study and research opportunities for Latin American students at the college and post-graduate levels.

In 1979, the Foundation was restructured as a supporting organization with tax exempt status to support the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, which is an autonomous, non-denominational, non-profit private institution. The Foundation aims at supporting this private University in Colombia as a way of promoting democratic institutions, inter-American relations, and the exchange of professors and students between Universidad de los Andes and American universities.

Today, the Foundation continues supporting the mission of the University which is to foster the formation of honest, responsible and creative professionals who will achieve the highest standards in their disciplines and contribute to the cultural and economic development of the country.


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