Harry Ramos



Quiero Estudiar is the best example of how a university can change a country when it gives outstanding young people access to quality higher education.

As a student, I always thought of the university founders´ words when they said that a true citizen is someone who does more for his countrymen than he is obliged to do by law. In my opinion, it is every Colombian´s duty to go “beyond duty” and do something for his countrymen.

The current program is extraordinary as it involves the concept of reciprocity. This teaches us that we should not only think of ourselves, and it gives us the opportunity to change the future of other students who are in the same situation that we were in. Therefore, this program changes Colombia when we graduate having had excellent academic training, but also because we have an important social commitment to our country.

I am convinced that Quiero Estudiar will be successful for many years, and generations will understand that change for Colombia lies in taking our countrymen into consideration.

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