Nicolás Rodríguez


Summa Cum Laude

I was very fortunate to have been able to study in Uniandes thanks to Quiero Estudiar, I hope one day to create a new fund with which I can give another student the same opportunity I had.

I wanted to study in Los Andes because I liked environmental and chemical engineering. My parents did not have the money for me to go to Uniandes, so, for this, reason I studied extremely hard for my Icfes exam – and I did well. Although I was also awarded a scholarship from Ecopetrol I chose Quiero Estudiar because it was a full scholarship.

Today I feel very fortunate to have studied in the Universidad de los Andes as it is the best in the country. Having been given an excellent higher education in Colombia means I have a large responsibility on my shoulders; this is something that Sergio Barrera –the Introduction to Environmental Engineering teacher- stressed in our first class.

Thanks to my academic performance, one of my teachers opened a door for me so that I could work for Texas A & M in the U.S., where I had the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

I currently work as a graduate assistant in the University of Colorado, U.S.A., where I am completing a PhD in sciences and environmental engineering. When I finish, I would like to work in the sector, either in statistics, which I really like, or in chemical and environmental engineering.

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