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Successfully completed the Pa’lante Pacífico initiative, promoted by the Universidad de los Andes and La W Radio, to provide quality higher education to low-income youth in one of the most unequal areas of our territory: the Colombian Pacific Coast.

Pa’lante Pacífico managed to raise more than $ 7,000 million and generate more than 700 thousand transactions thanks to the solidarity of all Colombians who joined this dream that more talented young people can receive the best education and exploit their skills.

The statistics on the panorama that Literal Pacífico teenagers face after graduating from school are what motivated this alliance between the radio station and the Universidad de los Andes: in 2017, only four out of every 1,000 students in this area of ​​the country were able to access an accredited university.

In January 2019, the first young people from Quibdó, Tumaco and Buenaventura will arrive to study at the Universidad de los Andes. “I want to study has taught us that talent is in every corner of Colombia and at the Universidad de los Andes we want to have those young people.

I am sure that in the Pacific Coast there are people who have all the deserves to be here and what They need the opportunities. I want to Study Pacifico is going to give them to them, “said the university’s rector, Pablo Navas.

New Office Interior for Wessex


Juan Manuel Palacios

My name is Juan Manuel Palacios Luna. Currently in the fourth semester of the doctorate in Political Science at the Universidad de los Andes.

Unfortunately, in Chocó, where I come from, there is no university where I can carry out doctoral studies in social sciences. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to access the Universidad de los Andes, one of the best universities in Latin America, an institution that has been strengthening its commitment to remote regions of the country, facilitating access to students from these areas. In particular, as a student from the Pacific, I feel very fortunate to lead and actively participate in spaces promoted within the University to exalt the benefits of my region, such as the Semillero del Pacífico.

I chose the Universidad de los Andes because in addition to guaranteeing me a high quality education, here I can freely express my concerns about the Colombian Pacific. In addition, I feel supported because many academics from the institution share my concerns and I have found a way to contribute to the solution of the problems that persist in my region.

I have no doubt that opening spaces for students with great potential and desire to study, coming from remote regions of the country, can be trained at the University of the Andes or high-quality institutions, represents a form of inclusion that contributes to economic development, promotes core-periphery cohesion, and reduces persistent inequities in Colombia.

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